photo of Nicolas Casel

Hi. I'm Nicolas Casel.

Do you know my goals?

Provide highly valuable design and achievement for digital solutions (web and e-Learning)

Facilitate the integration of technology into teaching, learning and community building

Learn about what I do

Consulting and training for digital solutions

I used to collaborate with different business sectors, mostly academic, multi-cultural environments and a wide range of interlocutors: clients, developers, managers, executives.

Business sectors

Invest banking, web agency, IT services
Universities, Higher Education Institutes, research labs


Learners community management, eLearning
Guidance and training
HCI, usability

State of mind

International, I like interacting with other cultures
Curious, I look for learning everytime
Positive calls for positive: "win-to-win"
Quality is my priority: "less is more"

Providing a great User or Learning Experience

My favorite stuff is to find the right solution for the right user according to his/her requirements.

Web, digital and EdTech

These are my favorite topics and I am passionate to read, gather and share digital resources

Fortran logo to exemplify programming


Coding, languages: I'm fascinated by creating thanks to keywords.
Check an example: or some with AngularJS

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I designed courses and managed learners community for

The different steps for curation


I do content curation with