5 actions to make a delighted Customer Experience

A successful Customer Experience like an airflight

For some days I have been attending to the Inbound Marketing online course, delivered by HubSpot Academy.

With two or three chapters, they give insights about how to enhance Customer Experience, and it makes me think about how I try to deliver the best User Experience when I provide solution, guidance, short training and tips to end-users.

According to my experience and all the papers I have been reading, here are five elements that compose my “Customer experience Framework“:

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SQL: a bunch of useful resources

Vocabulary of databases

databases evolving landscape

Although I barely write about SQL on this blog, Stephanie from the WhoIsHostingThis company draws my attention to a post where she offers a bunch of useful resources about SQL.

Have a look especially to the ‘SQL Language Reference’ and ‘Tutorials’ sections which are fundamentals to deal with databases management.

Br writing this, it reminds me that some month ago I gave a link to comparison between RDBMS and NoSQL. There is a scheme that worth reading it.

Two quick and easy steps to create your own CSS styles

Either you are beginner or advanced user with CSS, using sometimes an online free editor can spare you much time and effort. This is especially true when it comes to get very fine-tuned style, that you cannot find in other websites or forums, even if they are full of up-to-date and relevant resources like Stackoverflow.

In this short post, you find two useful online tools to get quickly the exact CSS styles you are looking for.

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