4 reasons Daily Stand-up meeting is useful for the whole team and its members

The Daily Standup meeting

Some days ago, a colleague told me:

– « Some people in my department run a daily meeting of one hour, sometimes even more. No agenda, barely some actions to be taken, only debating about ideas. »

– (Me): « Why do not they use Scrum approach and especially the Daily Stand-up meeting? »

– « This would be the same problem, daily meeting is not useful. This is better to do meeting when necessary. »

– « A short (and timeboxed) meeting is very useful », here is why…

The Daily Stand-up meeting (DS) must be done in 15 minutes maximum and involve maximum 9 people. It is a mandatory components of Scrum framework and is very enriching and useful for these reasons:

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5 actions to make a delighted Customer Experience

A successful Customer Experience like an airflight

For some days I have been attending to the Inbound Marketing online course, delivered by HubSpot Academy.

With two or three chapters, they give insights about how to enhance Customer Experience, and it makes me think about how I try to deliver the best User Experience when I provide solution, guidance, short training and tips to end-users.

According to my experience and all the papers I have been reading, here are five elements that compose my “Customer experience Framework“:

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