MOOC ‘Du manager Agile au designer leader’ – semaine 1 – Le métier de manager

Ce billet inaugure une série de cinq billets dédiés au MOOCDu manager Agile au designer leader‘ (ou ‘From an Agile manager to a designer leader’, il est traduit en version anglaise).

Vous pouvez y lire mes notes prises grâce aux vidéos, contenus textuels et quiz diffusés tout au long des 5 semaines qu’a duré le MOOC.

Ce premier post correspond donc à la semaine 1, avec pour sujet : ‘Le métier de manager‘.

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What is UX? What are UX Research and Design?

Because I used to attend some MOOCs for several years now, like ‘Learn HTML5 from W3C‘ or ‘Development with Android‘, and also because I have a strong interest in User Experience, I would not have missed this ‘Introduction to User Experience‘ featured by the great edX platform.

You will find my notes through three blog posts; here is the first part: What is UX? What are UX Research and Design?

There is also a link to a 9-questions quiz at the end of the post.

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3 easy steps to learn everyday with only one hour

Learn something new everyday

First thing in the morning after you’ve just got up: 20 minutes to learn skills of the 21th century: coding. Thanks to the awesome codecademy platform, this is easy and pleasant to learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails.

In the middle of the afternoon, you are at work and you start getting bored: 10 minutes on DuoLingo to improve or learn a new language.

After dinner, skip your favorite TV show and watch another kind of video: 20 minutes on an opencourseware platefom like the Microsoft Virtual Academy or the MIT OpenCourseWare and take some notes (10 minutes). For more interaction with other learners and to get a certification, you can attend to a MOOC on Open2Study, edX, Coursera or NovoEd. And if you do not find an interesting topic on these platforms, check the MOOC portal designed by the European Commission.


Weekly digital resources #13: SQL, JavaScript and HTML5


As I’m done with the outstanding MOOC “Learn HTML5 from W3C” provided by edX, this digital week still provides HTML5 and Javascript resources but they should be the… latest before another project 🙂

Aside, I’ve read an interesting benchmark with advantages and drawbacks of the two main current databases management systems: “relational” (RDBMS) and “NoSQL“.


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Weekly digital resources #11: web development, WordPress, eLearning

WordPress version 4.4 Clifford

I’ve almost done with the outstanding MOOC Learn HTML5 from W3C provided by edX, so this digital week still concerns HTML5, CSS and Javascript resources.

However, there are other links about WordPress due to its new upgrade to version 4.4 “Clifford”, Android code editors, and it becomes an habit, a resource about eLearning.

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Weekly digital resources #9: HTML, CSS, Javascript, eLearning

digital resources to have fun with our laptop

This week brings more digital resources than usual, in particular thanks to the awesome MOOC Learn HTML5 from W3C provided by edX.

Aside these resources for web development, you find links for various digital resources about eLearning, accessibility, Dropbox, search on Google.

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Weekly digital resources #6: HTML5, CSS, Microdata, Bootstrap

html5 logo

There are more and more MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) available on the Internet, and this is one the best free digital resources like I used to propose on this blog.

This week I was busy by studying a very good MOOC: Learn HTML5 from W3C thanks to the edX platform. So, this article mainly introduces resources related to HTML5 features.

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