Methods of UX Research – Overview

..Method of ux research: user testing


Further to my previous post “What is UX? What are UX Research and Design?“, here are some notes about the second part of the MOOCIntroduction to User Experience” featured by the edX platform. This post introduces some methods of UX Research, like User testing and Micro-usability test. There is also a quiz with 10 questions to assess your knowledge about this topic.

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What is UX? What are UX Research and Design?

Because I used to attend some MOOCs for several years now, like ‘Learn HTML5 from W3C‘ or ‘Development with Android‘, and also because I have a strong interest in User Experience, I would not have missed this ‘Introduction to User Experience‘ featured by the great edX platform.

You will find my notes through three blog posts; here is the first part: What is UX? What are UX Research and Design?

There is also a link to a 9-questions quiz at the end of the post.

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Weekly digital resources #17: UX, WordPress, Facebook Feed

Some digital resources

This weekly bunch of digital resources is quite eclectic. The awesome website provides four UX methods to enhance Persuasive Design, and 12 free, beautiful and usable WordPress themes, which is still useful for many of us.

Back to some web programming with a nice tutorial on how to create a ‘hidden’ or ‘hamburger’ menu with only HTML and CSS, I mean without any Javascript.

And for more analysis and reading, I share blog posts about Social Media and EdTech. First, gives some clues regarding how the Facebook Feed is implemented and, more important, who are its stakeholders. Second, @Rachelle Dene Poth writes about some tips and tools she uses to get connected with her students in a fluent way.

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How to design the perfect single page website

How to design a single page website

High detailed guidelines on how to design the perfect single page website

  • Intuitive to use
  • Faster and easier to maintain
  • It forces to simplify
  • Better SEO potential
  • Easier to organize
  • It reduces bandwidth
  • Easier to fit with mobile devices thanks to simple responsive design

+ some resources and templates to design single page sites

Thanks to Cameron Chapman