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Weekly digital resources #18: apps for teaching, Serious Game and YouTube videos


I have started to attend to the MOOC ‘Design & Development of Educational Technology provided by the MIT and leaded by Eric Kopfler from the Education Arcade lab.

Until the Unit 2, content is mostly theoretical, so it barely feeds my weekly digital posts 🙂

However, you are proposed to read some info about apps for teaching and learning, tips for serious games and how to handle with distraction among students.

50 Of The Best Teaching & Learning Apps For 2016


6 tips to manage a serious game development easily, without any background in pedagogical engineering or any technical field:

1. Setup varied settings and great characters
2. Think about your pedagogical structure before starting your serious game development
3. Give feedback to your learners, fully customizable
4. Create branching scenarios
5. For an even richer experience, use media in your serious game development
6. Export to scorm, standalone, and multi-devices


The distraction society: Helping students to find ways of escaping and consciously creating their own bubbles of concentration


How to download YouTube videos? Here are two solutions free of any ad, and very easy to use:

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