Hi, I’m Nicolas. I work with organizations to perform their Agile Transformation, and to improve User Experience for their clients.

Most recent job positions

  • Scrum Master at Proximus
  • Agile Coach at BNP Fortis
  • Scrum Master at the European Commission
  • Web Developer at the European Commission

Digital improver

I have a real passion for improving User Experience, providing support, fostering Agile mindset and facilitating experts growth and collaboration.

During the last 12 years, I have been working in various sectors with a wide range of positions. However, there is a common theme in all of them: helping people to use digital solutions, providing personalized support, even conducting group or one-to-one training sessions, enhancing their User Experience by making applications more accessible, more usable, and easier to learn for both "techies" or "non-techies".

Thanks to this diverse experience, I can now easily adapt by myself to any kind of environment, connecting methodologies, workflows, and procedures to my previous experiences. I am used to collaborating with a variety of stakeholders, including: end-users, clients, learners, researchers, developers, designers, sales team, stakeholders and managers. I can create bridges to help them work together more efficiently.

What I want to do now

Helping people and organizations to work smarter.

I have a 'IT generalist' profile and I am constantly looking for improvement, building efficient relationships, helping people to feel good and be good at their job.

Everyday I ask to experts: How can it be done faster? In a better way? What's wrong, what can we change? What would be the ideal situation to reach your goal, and how to get closer? What difficulties do you face and how to remove them? Who can help you?

IT experts can benefit from my coaching to grow, be focused on their domain, keep reading long and complex documentation, I take in charge all the rest.

A client is sending you urgent requirements to be implemented for the next day? Do not reply, I teach him that we have agreed on a sprint planning (#Scrum) and it will wait until next sprint.

Want to learn more?

Take a look at my full and CV.


  • International, I like interacting with other cultures
  • Curious, I look for continuous learning
  • Positive calls for positive: "win-to-win"

What I believe

  • Target efficiency, fail fast, less is more
  • Take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients
  • Transparency, trust, open mindness and empathy