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Guide for students: How to survive in a digital environment


I am very enthusiast about “learning“: how we learn, how we learn while playing video games, how digital reshapes the way we learn. Moreover, I had opportunities to teach different people, and I met many different learning profiles. My favorite ones are students: their spontaneous questions, curiosity and inventiveness make me… learning a lot.

That’s why I write this digital guide for students. This is not obvious for them to acquire digital and web-related basic skills when studying non-IT field. Paradox is that they need to use digital environments to perform in their studies… Based on my experience, I’ve selected some topics, and there are so many others I would like to introduce.

However, students, teachers, course authors, online tutors are the best people to give a feedback. So feel free to send me any question or suggestion about these resources, I would be delighted to improve this work… To deliver a better Learning Experience.

Open the Guide for students – Part 1 – Search information

Open the Guide for students – Part 2 – Useful tools

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