Improving User Experience

In 2003, I did a Bachelor in IT with HCI as specialization. Then, I kept focusing on usability and digital User Experience by completing a Master 2 Ergonomics / HCI.

Why User Experience matters?

Improving User Experience, delivering great digital solutions is what makes the most sense to my work. Even if this is mostly through emails, I get in contact with end-users on a daily basis. As soon as I have the opportunity, I ask them a lot of questions:

How do you perform this? What would you like to improve? When do you feel you lose time? For which reasons? What can be fixed easily? Why such trivial issues take time to be solved?

Listening to and gathering their feedback is so enriching and valuable. Because end-users, like clients, are always right.

Because I used to work as or with developers, designers, stakeholders, managers, researchers, learners and psychologists, in various expertise areas, I am at my ease to talk to, making the bridge and connecting all of them. Today, we no longer work in ‘silos’, split by area, and conversely different profiles are grouped in a team to perform a common project. These profiles need to speak a common language, and one of the goals for a User Experience specialist is to guarantee this.

user experience combines look and feel with usability

Acting as User Experience specialist

My main goal is to bridge the gap between the customer (the end-user) and the business. Consequently, I offer these services:

  • Escalating to expertise area: developers, designers, web-marketers, psychologists, business
  • Creating mockup / prototype to make the bridge between end-users requirements and product features
  • Performing activity analysis, A/B testing, sending questionnaires / surveys, running users testing to improve first version
  • Working by iteration: every new idea or improvement is submitted to end-users: they love it, they like it but it would even be better if… or they dislike it
  • Building communities for a specific product: making strong lies between product team and end-users, providing content and feedback to make this community active


If you are interested in any of these areas, feel free to contact me.

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