5 tips to enhance your webdesign by making it more simple

Thanks to the ‘Less is More’ tutorial on canva.com, I’ve learnt very useful and concrete tips to enhance webdesign by making it more simple. They concern basics like colors, fonts, icons and layout and are easy-to-use.

Limit your colors to enhance the clarity of your design

An example that limits colors for better clarity design

Avoid clutter by limiting your graphic elements

Too much clutter on this photoA photo with no clutter

Substitute text with icons to cut down on reading time

Substitute text with an iconText has been substituted by an icon

Avoid using too many fonts and type styles to keep your design simple

Too many fonts and styles on this imageLess fonts and styles on this picture

Keep headline clearer by moving text in foreground

Headline is not in foregroundHeadline is clearer because it is in foreground