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Weekly digital resources #19: SEO, eLearning, search engines


Ten (10) is the main word for this weekly digital resources post. Four articles with headline starting with ‘Ten’, it sounds that it is a number that generates views and traffic… Better ask psychologists or content writing specialists.

Always useful, let’s learn some SEO with these 10 Key Title Tag Optimization Tips.

Still search engine, but for another reason: Google has concurrents, especially for academic research, check these 10 search engines for researchers. And read the comments, there are two more search engines mentioned: and

Interested by creating? Which kind of creation? If there is not a specific one, try these 10 useful tools for easier content creation.

Specific to eLearning content, the blog features 10 authoring tools.

Or you may be more willing to create images for social media, have a look at the Social Media Image Maker.

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