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Weekly digital resources #22: cognition, Design Thinking, quiz builders


Although I give the name ‘DigiTools‘ to this blog, there are some periods where my posts barely provide “tools“. By “tools”, I mean primarily “software”, “application” or “web service”, like I share with the DigiTools community on Google+. Indeed, I think that “digital resources” are also related to web trends, eLearning, usability, content management, user experience, psychology.

So, let’s start with some knowledge about cognition and these 6 Factors That Determine The Cognitive Limitations Of Adult Learners In eLearning. You learn that attention span, memory and information load are key factors to create well-balanced learning content.

You have probably read or heard about Design Thinking, do you know what it is? Its basic components are: Empathy, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test.

The Design Thinking workflow

The teachthought blog delivers some resources to start with Design Thinking.


Almost all my weekly digital resources posts refer to the brilliant hongkiat.com blog. This time, UX designer @Jake Rocheleau writes about How To Design Empty State Pages for Websites & Mobile Apps. What are “empty state pages“? They are very relevant and often used… Have a look to his post and get some tips about persuasive design: all the trick is to make end-user performing exactly what is expected as of the start of a process, when there is “nothing”; that’s why it is called “empty state pages”.


They are basic and certain components of all online courses or eLearning content, quiz benefit from many software or builders to be achieved. Check this list of of 10 Popular Quiz Building Tools thanks to @codecondoltd.

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