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Weekly digital resources #23: Customer Experience, EdTech and CSS


Although I propose my services to help improving Learning Experience, methods and good practices for User or Customer Experience feed also my curiosity. In its blog, Atlassian team points out the importance to strengthen link between the Support and Development teams in order to deliver the best solution to customers.

Technology in Education or ‘EdTech’ is still in spotlight this week with these 7 educational apps and websites for daily teaching. Among others, CollabPad is so simple of access and user-friendly that the issue of the ‘white page’ should no longer exists. As alternatives for collaborative text edition, there are also Framapad, TitanPad, Padlet and Etherpad.

If you cannot afford a license to work with Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop (although there is a free version now), Gravit could be a great alternative. Free and open source, it provides tons of features to perform some webdesign of quality.

And if you are more at your ease with coding rather than webdesign, you should check these 12 Amazing Text Effects Created With CSS. However, keep an eye on the browser compatibility with these very new CSS properties.

Still about CSS, this short tutorial is very useful to target HTML elements that have multiple classes.

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