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Weekly digital resources #29: User Experience, HTML templates, WordPress


‘Motley’ is the perfect adjective to qualify this weekly bunch of digital resources.

Looking for a template to create quickly HTML pages? Themefisher offers 14 free HTML5 responsive themes for website, blog or online store.

Are you using WordPress instead of coding from scratch? You’re right, WordPress is a very powerful CMS and @codecondo lists 6 WordPress Tips To Get Your Website Up And Running Quickly And Smoothly:

  1. Image optimization
  2. Blog sluggish
  3. Do regular backups
  4. Put the Javascript at the bottom and CSS on top of the html page
  5. Battle spam with Plugins
  6. Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Very specific I admit, but some days I searched for this… A complete step-by-step tutorial about how to create a Chrome Extension for Diigo thanks to Bruno Skvorc.

Specific as well, developing an add-on for Atlassian software: the Atlassian Developer Toolbox will bring help and is free.

I keep the best for the end. First, this brilliant example of a well-designed 404 page should be bookmarked by all webmasters. And if you want to improve your digital stuff (website, blog, app, etc.), think “User Experience” at the early stage. You do not get any fund for this, am I right? Let’s do it anyway thanks to these useful and affordable UX Research Tips And Alternatives.

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