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Weekly digital resources #31: role of attention in eLearning


I think this weekly digital resources post has never been so eclectic in its content: the role of attention in eLearning, design, User Experience, usability and web development. So everybody should find an interesting link that fits to her or his concern.


Keeping up learner attention is a top requirement for any successful elearning strategy. The @elearningcoach provides 10 Things To Know About Attention And How To Use It In elearning:

  1. Attention can be thought of as a limited resource
  2. Selective attention equals focused attention
  3. Two different types of sources can capture attention: bottom-up and top-down
  4. Top-down selection is relevant to what is in working memory
  5. Susceptibility to distractions is lowest when a task engages one’s full attention
  6. Multi-tasking divides attention
  7. The ability to divide attention is influenced by the similarity of the tasks
  8. Split-attention in instructional materials increases cognitive load
  9. An abrupt change can capture attention
  10. Sustained attention requires something meaningful, challenging or special



Still about online learning content, I wrote down some notes about the ‘Intro to the design of everyday things’ course I’ve attended some weeks ago.

understandable design with iphone device


Web development

I know that some of you do web development, so you should appreciate to read the (still very relevant) w3schools JavaScript Best Practices. Besides, these Advanced CSS Tricks and Techniques may help you improving your way of coding.

Javascript logo


User Experience

If like me you get strong interest in User Experience and interface usability, have a look to these UX Design Guiding Principles and try to implement these 75 GoodUI ideas to get a Good User Interface.

User experience diagram



Have a moment of fun and maybe some nostalgia via one of the oldest websites still online: the Space Jam movie website (1996).


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