Weekly digital resources #33: IoT, CSS and Moodle


Five is a balanced number to provide you with some useful links for our weekly digital resources post, what do you think of it? IoT, CSS and Moodle are on the agenda this time.

A “refresh” when you use to deal with webdesign or usability, Carrie Cousins writes 7 Tips for Designing Consistency.

The ‘Internet Of Things‘ covers now all aspects of everyday life, and so there are many terminologies and definitions to know.

Have you ever heard about ‘bots’ for Social Media? Lutz Finger writes a brilliant article about the business of Social Media Bots.

If you manage or even are end-user (‘learner’ or ‘course author’) of a LMS, I bet you find its design not very fancy or even worse, not usable. Design Shack provides a list of 15 recent Moodle themes that may solve this and even improve Learning Experience.

When you do some styling with CSS, sometimes you need to target a specific element. Do you know the :target pseudo-class?

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