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Weekly digital resources #8: web development with HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Firefox


Like my 3 previous ‘weekly digital resourcesposts, this one is focus on web development with some resources about HTML5, CSS, Javascript.

However, I also read news about e-Learning almost everyday, so let’s start with these very useful tips about e-Learning courses:

1. Make it motivating and interactive.
2. Test rigorously and review often.
3. Structure your content.
4. Chunk it down.
5. Mix and match different media.
6. Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate!
=> The author gives original examples or concrete way to put in practice each of these 6 “tricks”.


Create a video room for conversations with up to 8 people for free – no login, no downloads


Top 12 Firefox Add-Ons For Designers & Developers


HTML5 Canvas cheatsheet:
Html format
PDF format


Make Fancybox navigation arrows always visible on mobile devices. Add the following CSS:

.fancybox-mobile .fancybox-nav span { visibility: visible !important }


Solve challenges in Javascript… And create yours


CSS Highlighter – Using the ::selection Pseudo-Selector

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