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Weekly digital resources #9: HTML, CSS, Javascript, eLearning


This week brings more digital resources than usual, in particular thanks to the awesome MOOC Learn HTML5 from W3C provided by edX.

Aside these resources for web development, you find links for various digital resources about eLearning, accessibility, Dropbox, search on Google.

Use color input type to change page background color:

<!DOCTYPE html>
Select a color : <input type="color" id="colorChooser"/>
 var colorInputField = document.querySelector("#colorChooser");
 colorInputField.addEventListener('input', function(evt) { = this.value;
 }, false);


JavaScript Strings: Uppercase, Lowercase and Capitalization

4 impressive sliders with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

A Complete Reading List For CSS

Passwords security in HTML5 form: load publicly available cryptographic libraries then apply MD5 hash

How to enable/disable stylesheet or script in one click with ‘disabled’ attribute

Web Accessibility Tutorials: Forms concepts


3 useful tips to make learning content more attractive:

  • Make it short: if learner see text too long to read or video over xx minutes, s/he is discouraged even before starting
  • Make it interactive: not only reading or watching, learner are hungry to create, to do things
  • Mix the content types: text, video, graphics, quiz, game, wiki, chat, social media


Don’t want your searches on Google to be location-based? Then go to

=> NCR means “no country redirect”


For quick dictionary meanings, enter in Google:

define: [your search term]


By using Dropbox’s Carousel media gallery, you will be rewarded with 3GB additional storage space in Dropbox


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