Weekly digital resources #27: Evernote, Google Drive, online courses


When two big firms of the Internet meet to make easier and faster users’ way of managing their content, it makes users… more lazy, true, but also it results to a bridge between Evernote and Google Drive. Content of the latter can now be embedded in any Evernote sheet.

There are a lot of parameters to deal with when we want to provide a great User Experience with mobile. Google offers to test if our site is mobile-friendly. Feedback is fast, detailed, very convincing.

@didolores shares a useful infographic about 5 tips for creating effective video lectures for online courses. Read it carefully, because learning requires more and more online, video and mobility… #LearningExperience.

For professionals or companies that offers support to end-users, the Atlassian blog publishes some tips to perform a successful Service Desk: Prevention, self-service, and strategic laziness: the recipe for service desk success.

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