Agile reading list: essential books v/ @LeonTranterEU

Incorporating Governance or Oversight into an Agile Project

“The concepts of agility and project governance are not fundamentally opposed. Each is an attempt to improve the finished product. Agile strives to do this through close collaboration and the short inspect-and-adapt cycles of the time-boxed sprints. Project governance strives to do it by what we might call inspect-and-approve (or reject) checkpoints in which the product or project is compared…

Tips for Writing the Best User Stories in Scrum

Planning Doesn’t Have to Be the Enemy of Agile

But if planning and agility are both necessary, organizations have to make them work. They have to create a Venn diagram with planning on one side, agility on the other, and a practical and workable sweet-spot in the middle. This is why the quest to rethink strategic planning has never been more urgent and critical. Planning twenty-first century style should…

SAFe® – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly—good-bad-and-ugly

Short Review of The Professional Scrum Product Owner Course (PSPO)

Misconceptions about the Product Backlog v/ @LeonTranterEU