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Weekly digital resources #17: UX, WordPress, Facebook Feed


This weekly bunch of digital resources is quite eclectic. The awesome website provides four UX methods to enhance Persuasive Design, and 12 free, beautiful and usable WordPress themes, which is still useful for many of us.

Back to some web programming with a nice tutorial on how to create a ‘hidden’ or ‘hamburger’ menu with only HTML and CSS, I mean without any Javascript.

And for more analysis and reading, I share blog posts about Social Media and EdTech. First, gives some clues regarding how the Facebook Feed is implemented and, more important, who are its stakeholders. Second, @Rachelle Dene Poth writes about some tips and tools she uses to get connected with her students in a fluent way.

Four UX Design Techniques to Encourage User Engagement

How to Manage Your Android Smartphone From Desktop

12 Free Small Business WordPress Themes

Create a ‘hidden’ menu for mobile only with HTML and CSS (no Javascript)

Outstanding article on Who Controls Your Facebook Feed

The First Step In EdTech Integration? Connecting With Students


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