Weekly digital resources #30: HTML, CSS and UX

This week I provide only four links, however your appetite to learn should be fully satiated… At least for the quality of the content, and also for the quantity of knowledge. And more important, for all opportunities it gives: think about personal projects, career move or improvement, …

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3 easy steps to learn everyday with only one hour

First thing in the morning after you’ve just got up: 20 minutes to learn skills of the 21th century: coding. Thanks to the awesome codecademy platform, this is easy and pleasant to learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby on Rails.

In the middle of the afternoon, you are at work and you start getting bored: 10 minutes on DuoLingo to improve or learn a new language.

After dinner, skip your favorite TV show and watch another kind of video: 20 minutes on an opencourseware platefom like the Microsoft Virtual Academy or the MIT OpenCourseWare and take some notes (10 minutes). For more interaction with other learners and to get a certification, you can attend to a MOOC on Open2Study, edX, Coursera or NovoEd. And if you do not find an interesting topic on these platforms, check the MOOC portal designed by the European Commission.



Weekly digital resources #17: UX, WordPress, Facebook Feed

This weekly bunch of digital resources is quite eclectic. The awesome hongkiat.com website provides four UX methods to enhance Persuasive Design, and 12 free, beautiful and usable WordPress themes, which is still useful for many of us.

Back to some web programming with a nice tutorial on how to create a ‘hidden’ or ‘hamburger’ menu with only HTML and CSS, I mean without any Javascript.

And for more analysis and reading, I share blog posts about Social Media and EdTech. First, slate.com gives some clues regarding how the Facebook Feed is implemented and, more important, who are its stakeholders. Second, @Rachelle Dene Poth writes about some tips and tools she uses to get connected with her students in a fluent way.

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Weekly digital resources #5: HTML and CSS snippets

Unlike previous weekly digital resources posts, this one is specific to HTML and CSS tips and snippets.

Display Github ribbon style content with CSS

Display Github ribbon style content with CSS


Ready-to-use CSS snippet to display link tooltips

css snippet link tooltips


How to know when using DIV, ARTICLE, SECTION, etc. with the HTML5 element flowchart


Easy content organisation with HTML5


Expand and collapse content only with details and summary HTML5 tags

html5 expand collapse content