Weekly digital resources #30: HTML, CSS and UX


This week I provide only four links, however your appetite to learn should be fully satiated… At least for the quality of the content, and also for the quantity of knowledge. And more important, for all opportunities it gives: think about personal projects, career move or improvement, …

If there is one HTML template to get, this is this brilliant and light One Megabyte Website. One may say there is a drawback, it requires the jQuery library.

To customize your new website or web application, take time to write a clean and strong CSS: @DZone delivers Good Practices for Efficient and Maintainable CSS.

Web development implies to get some knowledge about how to perform a great User Experience, don’t you think so? Thanks to @usertesting, you can get some tips and resources to know more about UX research.

User Experience is close to Design, so have a look to this free online course Intro to the Design of Everyday Things. I’ve enjoyed watching its videos because they are very short (from 20 seconds to 2 min 30 max.), and they show concrete and easily-understandable examples to highlight some key-concepts.

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