Weekly digital resources #26: Web Components, SEO, WordPress

This weekly digital resources post highlights a very relevant cornerstone in web development: the Web Components. Enjoy learning about this thanks to an easy, clear and fun introduction by @chriscoyier.

The codecondo blog introduces some basic guidelines about SEO via these 20 Things You Should Do to Help With SEO Before Making Your Site Live.

To tackle with the ever increasing mobile content consumption, the GAFA companies implement their own technology. On the codeable.io blog, Matteo Duo introduces how to embed the Facebook Instant Articles in a WordPress blog.

Even if Microsoft Word seems out-dated compared to all these new services and apps that flourish everyday, we all agree that we keep using it almost everyday. So, a short tip about how to quickly insert an horizontal line may be useful:

  1. Place the cursor where you want to insert the horizontal line
  2. Type – (hyphens) three times
  3. Type ‘Enter’

(Do not look for how to do the same by menu, this could be very long. This is the point of this shortcut).


Useful tips to increase your SEO strategy

To be displayed in the Google search engines first results (SERP) is one component of a successful web strategy. So, here are three articles that provide concrete, easy-to-do and useful methods to perform an effective SEO strategy.

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Weekly digital resources #19: SEO, eLearning, search engines

Ten (10) is the main word for this weekly digital resources post. Four articles with headline starting with ‘Ten’, it sounds that it is a number that generates views and traffic… Better ask psychologists or content writing specialists.

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