Agility in Corporate

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.

agility in corporate collaboration

Following a presentation I did for my colleagues at Altran Belgium, here are some notes about my own perspective on Agile applied to the change in the way companies work today.

Agile is a mindset, a culture, some even say it is a philosophy, so it can be applied to all aspects in life. Specifying “Corporate” means how business and companies handle rapid changes and adapt successfully within their VUCA environment. When becoming Agile, a company’s structure and way of working can be highly impacted.

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Weekly digital resources #23: Customer Experience, EdTech and CSS

Although I propose my services to help improving Learning Experience, methods and good practices for User or Customer Experience feed also my curiosity. In its blog, Atlassian team points out the importance to strengthen link between the Support and Development teams in order to deliver the best solution to customers.

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