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Weekly digital resources #11: web development, WordPress, eLearning


I’ve almost done with the outstanding MOOC Learn HTML5 from W3C provided by edX, so this digital week still concerns HTML5, CSS and Javascript resources.

However, there are other links about WordPress due to its new upgrade to version 4.4 “Clifford”, Android code editors, and it becomes an habit, a resource about eLearning.

HTML5 – Appcache facts: good resume of the cache API and best practices

ManifestR: a bookmarklet to create an HTML5 appcache manifest file

30 Regex Code Snippets All Web Developers Should Know

How to Schedule Background Tasks in JavaScript

9 Android Code Editors For Mobile Developers

WordPress 4.4: 10 Coolest New Features You Should Know

How to move a WordPress website from a sub directory to the root folder

10 eLearning Audio & Video Tools

(Source of the WordPress logo: MonsterPost’s blog)

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