HTML5 form to manage contacts

Weekly digital resources #12: Flat 2.0, JavaScript and HTML5


One of my favorite sayings is “Less is more“. In other words: only a few in quantity, with a high quality. And I apply it to this weekly digital post with only 4 resources, however you will learn very concrete and relevant stuff about:

  • Flat webdesign,
  • Some powerful JavaScript libraries,
  • How to monitor network bandwidth
  • How to create a HTML5 form to create and save contacts, without needing database or server…

When balance is found between full flat and skeuomorphism: Flat 2.0 & How It Solves Flat Design’s Usability Problems

9 Useful & Free Tools To Support Dynamic Web Development

8 Free Tools For Monitoring Network Bandwidth

Serverless contact manager that uses localStorage and JSON

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