Weekly digital resources #13: SQL, JavaScript and HTML5


As I’m done with the outstanding MOOC “Learn HTML5 from W3C” provided by edX, this digital week still provides HTML5 and Javascript resources but they should be the… latest before another project 🙂

Aside, I’ve read an interesting benchmark with advantages and drawbacks of the two main current databases management systems: “relational” (RDBMS) and “NoSQL“.



Here are three code snippets to illustrate native HTML5 features:

HTML5 + Canvas = an Instagram-like photo filter application

Load and display image and text files (without server) thanks to the File API

Load and play audio files (without server) thanks to the WebAudio API


For those who want to get superuser rights for their Android phone, they can learn How to root an Android phone with one click


Databases and SQL are topics I barely write for on this blog. However, I suggest you have a look to this very interesting post about RDBMS vs NoSQL: quick overview of differences

In a few words, RDBMS and NoSQL are not concurrent because they meet different requirements. Keep in mind that NoSQL offers different ways to store and process data (Document, Graph, Columnar Databases and Key-Value Stores)

Evolving landscape of databases

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