Weekly digital resources #15: eLearning, WordPress and apps


The digital world is so wide: resources for this week regard eLearning, WordPress and mobile apps, so I have not done any coding during a couple of weeks now… Too bad, I was starting with Web Components thanks to the outstanding css-tricks.com website.

6 Online Training Mistakes That Drive Corporate Learners Crazy

  1. Thinking that all employees have the same needs, goals, and preferences.
  2. Failing to put theory into practice.
  3. Overwhelming them with too much information.
  4. It lacks any form of entertainment or excitement.
  5. Leadership is misinformed or ill-equipped for online training.
  6. Showing them the finish line, but not including any road signs.


Create An Effective Constructive Feedback System For eLearning: 7 Points To Consider

  1. Identify the primary goals for your constructive feedback system
  2. Be clear to avoid dreaded feedback confusion
  3. Include Subject Matter Experts in the constructive feedback loop
  4. Choose a feedback platform that is both familiar and intuitive (consider even social media)
  5. Stress the importance of actionable constructive feedback
  6. Opt for anonymity to receive honest constructive feedback
  7. Remember that constructive feedback may come in many forms


4 eLearning mobile apps to get skills and knowledge or to create resources

10 Best Mobile App Search Engines

5 Quick Wins to Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

7 Tips to Optimize Up to 300% the Loading Speed in WordPress

To close this weekly digital resources, here are some tips to create great content: Brilliant Ideas & Trends for Prominent “Feature Post” Widgets

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