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Weekly digital resources #14: Javascript, ebooks and online surveys


This week: front-end programming, online courses and reading, everything I enjoy! I hope you too, and you can send me your request for any help or question about digital stuff.

ECMAScript 6 – 10 Awesome New Features – Have a look in particular to the very useful for … of statement!

Thanks to Dudley Storey, author of Pro CSS3 Animation, who teaches how to create A Simple Responsive JavaScript Image Gallery. You will appreciate how clear, easily-understandable and detailed is his demonstration.

Even if it is dated on May 2014, this outstanding article provides complete, detailed and relevant method to write a Perfect Blog Post. It sounds like a part of the blogger’s Bible…

As there are now online courses for every topic, what about photography? Here are some free tutorials and tips to help you improve your photography.

For reading, if you are not like me, who like much more using a real book or printed paper, you will be delighted by the Project Gutenberg which provides 50,000 free ebooks (epub, kindle). This is possible to download them or read them online.

Some days ago, I’ve published my “How to survive in a digital environment” guide for students, version 2015. It includes some free online services to create surveys and polls, like Yarp and Flisti.

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