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Weekly digital resources #22: WordPress, EdTech and other gems


WordPress is the most used CMS and I cannot escape to its success, so this weekly blog post provides two links related to its security, themes and plugins. You find also resources about LMS, EdTech and education, components of Learning Experience, one of my favorite topics. And as Excel tips and free photos stocks are always on demand, check the last part of this weekly digital resources #22.

This infographic lists relevant points to secure in WordPress. Impressed by a theme or plugin? How to Find Out What Theme And Plugins a WordPress Site Is Using.

Like other software, LMS can be hosted in the cloud. See how with these
10 Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems For Small Business Training

This cheatsheet provides an impressive list of EdTech resources for teachers. And if you wonder who teaches them (the teachers), check the BigThink blog.

Excel software provides a lot of keyboard shortcuts, have a look at these 8 useful ones. You know there has never been so many free photos available on the Internet, this list should achieve to convince you.


What do you think of these links? Is it relevant for you that I keep posting this kind of blog post? Or topics are too different, it mixes all and nothing maybe?

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