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Weekly digital resources #24: WordPress, Design Thinking, privacy, JIRA


Do I cover too many different topics in this blog? Sometimes I wonder if I should focus on less “categories” and so target a more specific audience…

Anyway, this weekly post brings its bunch of eclectic digital resources with insights for improving your WordPress blog, Design Thinking, privacy with web browsers, psychology of colors and some JIRA features.

Anthony Randall introduces two relevant posts about WordPress security and how to speed up WordPress.

Even if this is not related to digital tools, it can be interesting to know about Design Thinking in other contexts: Kayla Kurin describes some case studies about How To Solve Complex Problems With Design Thinking.

Robin Linus invite you to check What every Browser knows about you. You get a (quite) surprising feedback about privacy when browsing.

As well as fonts, colors are important to enhance a website: Brenda Barron writes how to use the Psychology of Color to Boost Your WordPress Website Conversions.

Have you ever worked with JIRA software? In software and web development field, this is one the most famous project management solutions, provided by Atlassian. Their blog is showcasing 4 new JIRA features:

  1. Master new sprint permissions
  2. Flag and comment on issues at the same time
  3. Take advantage of the new epic dropdown
  4. Options when starting a new project: choose from creating a new JIRA Software project, creating an instance with demo data, or importing data from another issue project management tool


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