Weekly digital resources #32: prototyping, CSS and Social Media


This post about digital resources is eclectic because it deals with five different topics: prototyping, CSS, Social Media, Digital Marketing and Chrome browser.

Do you plan to design some interfaces for mobile or tablet? BestTheNews provides 5 prototyping tools specific for mobile apps. The very convincing Balsamiq is in the list.

Displaying a “tooltip” when hovering a link is easy thanks to CSS and the HTML data-attribute tag:



Managing  Social Media with efficiency requires a strong expertise. Career Addict offers an infographic with very good tips like image sizing, keyboard shortcuts, best time and days to post.


If you work with Social Media, you probably need to get some knowledge about Digital Marketing. CodeCondo gives a list of 50 Trigger Words To Help Convert Digital Customers.

Everybody knows that Chrome is requiring much RAM. Dann Albright brings some explanation and how to fix this.


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